Introducing the San Francisco Motoring Club

We are very excited to announce the creation of the San Francisco Motoring Club!  

We love getting together with people and having fun. So we created the San Francisco Motoring Club (“SFMC”) to address both of those concepts.

Accordingly, here are the initial premises for the SFMC:

1. The SFMC is designed to include ALL brands of automobiles, with or without any and all modifications done to cars.

2. We will arrange drives approximately every two weeks, with a 30-40 mile drive, followed by brunch/lunch somewhere, with member input, and at any location members suggest.

3. Members will have a unique member number of up to 3 digits, which will be assigned – a member can select their own member number, which will remain theirs for their entire membership period. The numbers 20-24 are reserved, and if a member does not wish to select a unique member number, one will be assigned to the member. 

4. We will have a Holiday Party, more to come – in early December.

5. We will have a summer picnic, at a location to be determined. 

6. We will have periodic dinners.

7. We will organise track days, where members will be able to safely exercise their cars to their best abilities.

8. We MAY have an annual “rally”, if members want it – it will be a social rally, for one or two nights, where we will all drive together somewhere.

9. We will NOT be raising money – this club is for social interaction and fun.

Proposed rules/fees:

1. $45/year for the driver, to cover overhead and administration; $15/year for the driver’s Significant Other

2.  Every member that has paid will be able to register their number, and will get a sticker for the year of membership, which will be renewed each year with a new sticker – see above for the 2018 sticker layout. Furthermore, members can purchase a 18” X 18” version of the sticker (they are about $20/each), either mounted on a magnetic back or printed on low-tack vinyl (for non-ferrous cars like newer Ferraris, etc.) with their number. The member can then use these large roundels for club functions or just for fun, to identify their cars.

3.  We all acknowledge that we enjoy “spirited driving”, but we all agree that we will NOT drive in a reckless or dangerous way

4.  Legal waivers will be signed when joining SFMC, and at every event, to protect SFMC from potential expenses and/or liabilities

If you are interested, please send an email to the following address: with your name, car description (year/make/model), email address, and indicate if you wish to register a significant other with their name. We will be in touch!