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Randall B. - 2015 Maserati Ghibli

Jesse and his team are the absolute best. I've been taking my Maserati to them for the past three years and have never had one issue. (Except for the time I forgot my spare keys on their desk. But that's my bad.)  
They're professional yet easy-going and affordable yet provide exceptional and quality service.  
They never upsell me or try to recommend parts and services that are not needed. They even took the extra mile of taking my vehicle to the dealership for warranty issues to save me some $$$. Their quotes are more than fair and invoices are clean and easy to understand. They truly value their relationships with their clients and for those reasons, I have never deviated from bringing my vehicle here for all my service needs.  
There are only a few shops in the Bay Area that have the tools that are necessary to work on exotic are rare cars. Do yourself a favor and take your car here. I'll sit in hours of traffic because these guys got what it take!

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Paul G. via Yelp - 2013 Maserati Granturismo

I just had a great experience at San Francisco Motorsports. My 2013 Maserati was in need of new front bushing, or so said the dealer after a regular service, estimate was 10k. At that price I said I'd like to get a second opinion, and brought the car in to SF Motor sports. I was called later in the day with diagnostic of a loose trim panel inside the engine bay. They quickly repaired the issue, at minimal charge and got me back on the road. If you have a Maserati, do yourself a favor and see Jesse and the nice people at SF Motorsports.

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Jordan G. via Yelp - 2001 Ferrari 550

Recently I decided to switch from Redwood City Ferrari to SF Motorsports. I was a little hesitant as I've been going to RWC Ferrari for 6 years, but they recently had a change in management.  I asked RWC some fairly simple questions regarding my car and they said they would have to get back to me. I never heard from them.  So, I decided to try SF Motorsports.  I talked to John & Doug.  Not only were they extremely nice and pleasant to a first time customer, they went out of their way.  I recently had them pick up my car and service it.  I've rec'd the car back and the service was superior and all the guys who work there are top notch and really care about what they are doing.  I would recommend them to any Ferrari owner.

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3 Buyers in the Midwest - 1994 Ferrari 348 Challenge

Thanks again for a smooth transaction!

Thank you for the pics and thanks again for such a smooth transaction/buying experience. SF Motorsports is truly a first-class operation! Can’t wait to see it!

Just a quick note to let you know she arrived yesterday evening and I have to say that she is gorgeous! Really happy with everything especially SF Motorsports. You guys rock! Anyway, already got her inspected and the title transferred, etc. She drives great…..love that manual steering!! Again, thanks for everything and best wishes for a prosperous rest-of-year!

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Mark F - 2013 Ferrari service various

I just had a very positive experience with SF Motorsports. My sales guy was very easy to work with, and obviously quite expert when it comes to Ferrari's and high-performance sports cars. He gave me his advice and guidance, but didn't pressure me at all - i found it easy to talk to and super knowledgeable. Whenever I buy or sell any of my sports cars in the future, I will go to them first because they truly exceeded my expectations. I like a company that under-promises and over-delivers, and that's what they did. I also want to give a shout-out to their service department. Strong Ferrari expertise and solid advice about what to fix and what didn't need repair yet - if I have 3000 miles of brake life left - I want my 3000 miles. I will take my cars here because my cars will be perfectly maintained and I won't be taken advantage of. I give San Francisco Motorsports and especially the people in this company my highest recommendation.

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Othman O. - 2001 Maserati Cambio Corse Coupe

These guys are amazing. I met Doug when while filling up gas in Corta Madera and he was very jovial and easy to talk to. He gave me his business card and encouraged me to call him with any questions I may have with my car. I was generally happy with the service of Maserati/Ferrari of SF, but always surprised by some of the fees that they would tack on to my already high service bill. Doug promised to beat their prices and deliver even better quality care for my cars. I scheduled a check-up for my Maserati and met with Evan, who is probably one of the nicest and most genuine person you will ever meet. Evan took note of my concerns, gave me some great advice and then even drove me to my office. He's such a nice guy--also a great family man and watersport enthusiast, which I admire greatly. John, who was doing the services and oil change on my vehicle, later called me directly and was very professional and direct. I had asked him to look at one of the second cooling fans which I could hear sometimes when the car was idle and not getting enough air circulation. Later, when my car was ready, Evan came and picked me up at my office and spoke to me about some of the services and repairs to my car. I arrived and was surprised by how cheap the bill was (300 less than what Maserati/Ferrari of SF quoted me at). The car runs even better now and I think John fixed the fan without even charging me (I haven't heard it turn on for a week now) and there isn't any more random jerking when the car is low on gas. I'm not really sure what John did, but he certainly has the magic touch. I intend to schedule a number of follow-up visits and was more than satisfied with the service I received.

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David H - 2000 Ferrari 550

I have not purchased a car from Evan and Doug, but I have asked John to service my Ferrari 550 3 times. Twice he diagnosed and solved some minor issues and once he performed a scheduled service. Fair and honest are words not often associated with used car dealers or garages, but that is how I would describe SF Motorsports. They are good local citizens who give back to the community. They get my top recommendation.

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John K. - Various Ferraris Various

I have an extended history with San Francisco Motorsports both in buying cars from them and charging them with selling and servicing my own cars. Additionally, I run an organization of motorsports enthusiasts totaling 195 members, many of whom elect to do regular business with San Francisco Motorsports. These guys have gone out of their way and extended themselves beyond any reasonable expectation a buyer or seller could have. In fact, I have to admit feeling a swell of guilt at times because these two have done so much to support me as a client. Whether it was going the extra mile to locate an extremely rare vehicle I sought, transporting my race car on their nickel, the superb mechanical sleuth work done by SFMS's master Ferrari mechanic, John Heim, giving up their weekend time to help a fellow enthusiast with car trouble, loaning me costly tools, or the generosity they demonstrate with their support of local charities, I've never before seen guys in the auto brokerage and service world operate with such integrity and reliability. There is much that these gentlemen do that they need not do -- like most other motorsports operations, they could "survive" -- but they choose to go the extra mile, and as a result, they thrive. A Master Mechanic of the caliber of John Heim could work anywhere -- but he chooses to work with San Francisco Motorsports, and I think that fact corroborates the experiences I have shared herein. The crew at San Francisco Motorsports are remarkable guys and I highly encourage anyone seeking to buy sell or service a sports or exotic car to introduce yourself and see first hand how you are treated. I've done four transactions with them in three years, and used their service department numerous times. I look forward to doing further business with San Francisco Motorsports. ---- I thought I would include an update to my review as I have just done another car deal with San Francisco Motorsports, and once again these guys came through with flying colors. They had a solid offer on my 599 GTB in under 5 days and secured a fair price for me and the seller. Could not be more pleased with this business.

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Adina S. - various Ferraris and Maseratis various

My husband and I have moved to the Bay Area from back east in 2011. I own a Maserati and he owns a Ferrari. When both of are cars were due for a service we were unsure where to go to get the work done and we're not particularly fond of taking our cars to the dealership unless it's for warranty or recall work. My husband happened to be out at the track for an event and had the pleasure of meeting Doug, Evan and John from San Francisco Motor Sports. He really enjoyed talking with them and they were very knowledgeable when it came to cars. They informed my husband that they service Ferrari and Maserati as well as sell used cars in case we ever decide that we want to sell. We decided we would bring our cars to them and I can't tell you how pleased we are with not only the quality of work but the customer service was phenomenal. We will continue to bring our cars to San Francisco Motor Sports.

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Jeffrey K. - various Ferrari Various

I live in Marin where SF Motorsports is located. I go in from time to time to chat with Doug and Evan and admire some of the cars they have for sale. I have yet to buy a car from them at this location, but I have dealt with Evan at a previous job and was 100% satisfied with the experience. It is what keeps me coming into their store. I love their good nature and lack of sales tactics that are associated with this industry. There are so few people you can trust in the secondary car market. It is nice to know there are always people you can rely on at SF Motorsport for an honest answer. I have used their service department on numerous occasions and referred my friends to them as well. Everyone I have sent says the same thing; that they were terrific. One final point that is slightly off topic, but worth mention is that I spend a lot of time at events in the Bay Area and often see Evan and Doug from SF Motorsports present as guests or philanthropic sponsors. I always prefer to do business with people that are active in the community and in their case, supporters of charitable endeavors.

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Braudy B. - 1966 Ford Mustang

Doug and Evan are top notch and unbelievably professional. I had known Doug prior as I am in the business as well. When it came time for me to sell my Grandfather's 66' Mustang Convertible Doug was the only guy I called. We had a few people express interest in the car but Evan told me he did not think they seemed they would treat the car well. I truly respected that because we wanted the car to go to someone who would truly care for it just as we had. I had a huge emotional connection with the car as my Grandfather bought it new and it had stayed in our family for almost 50 years. The folks who bought it ended up buying it because one of their fathers had an original 66 mustang. It was an awesome sale and I was so glad that Evan waited for the right buyer for the car, not the quickest sale. That speaks loads about the integrity and genuine professionalism of these guys. Doug and Evan are truly top notch and whether you are in the market for a cool toy or are looking to service what you have they will take care of you. Thanks SF MOTORSPORTS!!!

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